Assess - Engineer - Construct

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With years of experience mitigating noise in difficult environments,  SSA Acoustics recognizes the key to controlling noise is in the process used to resolove issues within your facility.  Any solution must involve a process that will assess the noise environment, engineer a design solution, and construct athe design correctly to achieve the performance criterion.  Without coordination between these three elements we have found facility noise issues are less likely to be resolved, more costly, and take more time to complete.

Assessing the noise sources impacting your personnel involves developing a detailed understanding of the exposures to personnel and the sources within your facility. Documenting the level of exposure  personnel are receiving is the first component; building signature measurements based on sound loudness and the tonal components of the major noise sources within a facility allows us to model your space in a manner where we can accurately prediction what treatments will work to lower the noise level within your facility.

From the information gathered at the facility we will Engineer a solution appropriate for your budget, goals, and site limitation.  For an interior space we will incorporate our sound level measurements into a 3-D model of the space.  We will conduct a design period where we will share ideas with your team, develop drawings and material schedules, and review costs.  Designing solutions that recognize the needs of operators, maintenance requirements, and space limitations can be resolved and incorporated into our engineering at this point.

The final step will be to work with the contractor to construct the changes to your facility.  SSA can work with a contractor of your choice, work with personnel from your facility, or recommend a contractor we have worked with in the past. This choice is generally made based on the complexity of the design.  For smaller projects we have been able to design treatments that can be pre-fabricated for on-site personnel to install.  For larger projects we recommend a trained construction team familiar with the details of assemblies designed to control noise.
Noise Control Engineers