Our team engineers unique noise control solutions catered to your facility and processes. An effective solution must seamlessly fit the conditions and the operations of the users. Throughout the design process we discuss the feasibility of mitigation options with your operators and maintenance staff. Noise control design is not guess and check, but engineered solutions that are modeled, analyzed and tested.
Our engineering solutions include:

1. Design Drawings and detailed installation drawings that clearly explain how and where materials will be installed.
2. Recommendations, specifying the necessary steps to reduce noise through mitigation, equipment or procedural changes.
3. Cost versus Performance Guide, outlining the predicted noise reduction with respect to installed cost to help develop an effective construction plan.
Noise mitigation solutions must reduce the daily noise dose for employees without impacating their working environment. Using 3-D computer analysis, we can create a model of your space, input the noise levels measured during our assessment, and instert barriers, wraps, and absorption to evaluate design options.  Our team researches the performance of materials used to control noise assuring they provide the spectral performance necessary to effectively reduce your noise sources.

By evaluating the spectral character of the sound sources from your facility we can develop recommendations the achieve the required performance.  This is completed by inserting the measurements that were taken during our assessment into representational shapes within our model. From this we can determine the effectiveness of a material to block or absorb sound based on the material performance and the proximity to the machinery. This methods can be used to evaluate different solutions and materials without the cost of time and materials using the "trial and error" method.

The drawings, report, and material specifications we provide can be passed to a contractor of your choice for pricing or a contractor that we recommend.  Within our design package we a priority of noise issues to be treated. Many times the 90% solution utilizes 20% of the budget. Spending 80% to achieve the last 10% of performance can be avoided by evaluating treatments for their benefit.  We stand behind the engineering solutions that we provide and want to work with you to reduce noise in your facility. Our Cost versus Performance guide provides clearly defined value for implementing effective solutions to protect employees and improve the workplace environment.

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Noise Control Engineers