"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

Getting plans constructed correctly,  constructed on-time, constructed within budget, or just plain constructed can be difficult.  Our services provides a team that will help manage the success of your project from beginning through construction.

A phased approach to implementing noise mitigation recommendations will work to support facility operations.  Completing improvements during maintenance periods, night-time, or during a shift that is out of the area where treatments are being installed can allow for changes to be completed without impacting production.  We will work with the contractor and material suppliers to pre-fabricate elements to allow quick and easy installation and removal for future maintence requirements.

After installation the improvements to your facility will demonstrate an efficent use of resources, space, and finishes to your environment.  All aspects of material requirements for fire-ratings, durability, and cleaning will be brought forward from the design into the final product to achieve the design criterion estabished from the assessment completed on the first day.
Many elements, such as noise control baffles can be installed using systems that can allow placement in and around critical ducting, lighting, and sprinklers.

  Our installation will be completed to the highest standards of engineering practice ensuring the details and finishes are fitted and constructed to your facility requirements.  As part of our services we will complete a "commissioning" process that will take noise measurements at the offending locations to verify that the noise levels have been reduced to acceptable levels.

Noise Control Engineers