BP Central Gas Facility
Prudhoe Bay - Alaska

With a pre-condition of over 105 dB(A), compressor room 2 presented a challege of lowering the noise level in a space that was completely lined with good room absorption.  The space operated 24-hours a day processing over 1,700 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day.

SSA Acoustics completed a thorough noise assessment of the space developing a noise map to describe the sound within the space.  From these test results a 3-dimensional noise model was created to provide a virtual test environment.  Within this test environment we were able to predict the performance of various mitigation measures, eliminating guess work.

A phased design and installation approach was recommended to address the most significant noise sources first.  We engineered one solution to reduce sound transmission from the large diameter piping utilizing a mass-air-mass barrier pipe wrap; this assembly was designed specifically for this application and reduced the overall noise level by 6-8 decibels, which is a 70% noise reduction.

At left: Sound countours within the space before treatment.

At right: Sound countours within the space after treatment.

The design and use specifications defined by the BP engineering and maintenance team were considered in each design option.  Our goal of significantly reducing the noise without impeding operations was successful.

The fabricated design for the pipe wrap was a mass-air-mass barrier achieving superior low-frequency attenuation over a standard single mass system.  The system was fabricated and installed by Forrest Sound Products.  Crews from their company were able to install this complex system in a difficult environment on time, and on budget.

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